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Taulman3d Materials - PDF 

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Taulman 645 MSDS

Taulman Bridge MSDS

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Taulman Guidel!ne MSDS


All materials, including ABS, HIPS, PLA, PET/T/G/+, Nylon and PE should be dried prior to 3D Printing.

  Drying your material will reduce the amount of plastic particles that accumulate around your nozzle and extruder.
It will also increase the shiny features on the surface of printed parts.
We suggest the following:
A 5 gallon bucket as shown configured as a De-hydrator.
This design is now used in our labs and will drop the internal humidity to 10% in 6 hours and completely dry 2 each spools overnight.  The internal temperature with a 60 watt bulb will climb to about 110F.  The trouble-light is capable of 150 watt bulbs.  As all trouble lights operate at 120 Volts AC, please follow all guidelines and warnings.
We also add a light timer so as to eventually run these 2 hrs "ON" and 6 hrs "OFF" for long periods.