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Taulman 3D


Taulman 3D

 "Who is "taulman3D"

taulman3D (pronounced ""tallman" 3D") is a polymer and copolymer development and manufacture of 3D Printing materials for FFF 3D Printers since Oct 2012. As components, parts, gadgets and assemblies continue to decrease in size, the need for higher strength materials that can meet the demands of designers as well as stand up to the abuse of the real world, continues to grow. Watching the progress of FFF 3D Printing, we saw a need to increase the number of options for designers, engineers and artist in the materials selection process. At taulman3D, we develop and test hundreds of possible polymers and copolymers in an effort to bring a specific feature list to the 3D Printing community. When we believe we have a significant development, rather than just release and let the community determine acceptance, we send out hundreds of free samples to professionals worldwide and correlate comments and requested changes.Therefore if the testers believe a material is not mature, we pull it and go back to the chemistry. To date, we have completely pulled two polymers and made changes based on community suggestions to 3 others as we believe this is best for the community and the technology. All taulman3D 3mm dia filaments are actually mfg at the new standard of 2.85mm.

At taulman3D, we have 8-12 materials in development at any one time. The intent of these efforts is to make more material features available to the Engineer, Designer and Artist. In the area of utility, we see the next major usage of FFF 3D Printing in the Robotics field. In art and esthetics, we see rising needs for larger scale artistic items that capture and re-utilize light in way's to capture attention and inspire imagination. In the medical industry, we see the continuing development and transition to real patient use of all type of prosthetics that can handle the loads and stresses of humans as well as animal requirements. In high performance/smaller assemblies, we see a rising need for new alloys.

A little known fact as to taulman3D is that the materials developed, are truly new polymers proprietary to taulman3D. We work directly with chemical companies to develope these unique materials. This is why you may see rather unflattering names, such as Nylon 645, Alloy 910, Nylon 680 or PCTPE. These materials are not commodity materials and not availble elsewhere. Because of this, taulman3D provide our materials in raw pellet form to industrial users that want to transition from 3DP to injection molding without moving to an unknown material. We are located just west of St Louis. USA.