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Proto-pasta is manufactured by ProtoPlant, a small professional engineering firm in Vancouver, Washington, USA founded by Dustin Cram.

Dustin Cram and team have an endless passion for designing, building, and tinkering. What began as an exploration into creating extrusion machinery, resulted in the Kickstarting of 3 new materials for affordable FFF/FDM Style 3D Printers such as Makerbot, Ultimaker, Printrbot, etc. Since Kickstarting Additive Manufacturing's First Carbon Fiber Composite Reinforced PLA, the Proto-pasta brand has evolved into an expanded pallet of materials including Steel, Iron, and Conductive PLAs.

Proto-pasta is powdered by ProtoPlant's self-made industrial extrusion technology. Its what makes making Proto-pasta pastable (that's fun to say)!

Creating our own extruders is awesome for a couple reasons: First, bragging rights. Seriously, what other filament manufacturer can claim they make their own industrial-grade extruders? Moreover, this gives us more control over what we can both process and the quality of the end result. Its a huge freedom and scalable foundation (investors?).

We actually setup a production line at our local 2014 PDX (Portland) OMSI Mini Maker Faire. Here is an informative blog by John Biehler who captured the Maker Faire experience, explaining well "How 3D Printing Filament is Made" on a previous Raspberry Pi powered version of our technology.