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From research to manufacture, Functionalize is focused on bringing you breakthrough functional materials, starting with Functionalize F-Electric®, for 3D printing and other products to come.

Our flagship product is a breakthrough in 3D printing filament. Developed using Functionalize new patent-pending nano-materials production process, it’s the first thermoplastic material that enables you to 3D print complete electrical circuits, sockets, switches, buttons and connectors, directly into your 3D printed parts.


With Functionalize materials, the promise of 3D printing electronic or electromechanical functional objects directly on a personal 3D printer becomes a reality, and we believe a major leap forward in the Personal Industrial Revolution.


Today’s 3D printers create inert objects out of a variety of colors and textures of plastic, but to make these objects electronically functional often requires a separate manufacturing process to add electrical components. While there have been some advancements in existing conductive material, Functionalize F-Electric is the first highly conductive plastic capable of being printed on today’s common 3D printers and with enough conductivity to easily light up an LED. Measuring at 0.75 ohm · cm, F-Electric is the world’s first electrically conductive 3D printing filament that enables electronics to be designed right into your printed parts.


“Functionalize is opening a whole new frontier for 3D printing that will change the way we Makers make,” said Matt Johnson, program director at intentional3D, Inc. “By allowing electrical circuits to be part of the 3D design and build process, there are endless possibilities for what can be built. We see numerous applications across many industries and think Functionalize has just begun to scratch the surface of possibilities.”