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3D-Fuel Wound Up


3D-Fuel has introduced a 100% bio-based filament spool and 3D printer filament made from sustainably produced NatureWorks Ingeo™ PLA.

Local, abundant and renewable plant resources produce simple sugars through photosynthesis. These plant sugars are then harvested and converted into lactic acid. A safe material naturally present in our bodies and in many of our foods, this lactic acid building block is transformed into Ingeo™, a performance thermoplastic tailored for filament production and printing.

 Says co-founder John Schneider, “With 3D-Fuel, we wanted to create something that allows 3D printing to move forward by creating a more sustainable product, but to make sure to remain uncompromising in our filament quality. With the Ingeo™ PLA, I believe that's exactly what we've done.”

3D-Fuel is the only independent NatureWorks-Preferred North American filament manufacturer and 3D-Fuels’s first filament product is made from NatureWorks Ingeo™ PLA resin.

Sustainability Without Compromise

Filament inconsistencies area a leading cause of poor print performance. Our filament is manufactured to strict quality standards in the heart of North America: Fargo, North Dakota.

We package and seal our filament with a desiccant packet immediately after manufacture to keep the dirt, dust, and moisture out. We demand performance and sustainability, and that's why we use what we make.

We work with the leading bioplastic supplier, Natureworks, to bring you their Ingeo PLA material made from corn, not oil