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Monarch 3D Warehouse Carrying Full Line of 3D-Fuel Products

Kevin Russell 3d-fuel 3domfuel 3DomUSA APLA Biome 3D buzzed coffee Dyna Purge entwined hemp Ingeo PLA wound up



Monarch 3D Warehouse is Happy to announce we are NOW carrying the Full Line of 3D-Fuel Products. This includes the popular C2Renew line of Composites, Wound Up, Buzzed, and Entwined. Also available is 3d-Fuel Advanced PLA or APLA. ABS may have met its match with this Annealable PLA. We will continue to carry Ingeo PLA and Biome 3D Bioplastic. These very easy to print plastics accept amazing detail and have a very nice sheen on the completed print. Use code MONARCH3DFUEL for 5% off your next order. Create With Quality!

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