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Making a Spool Holder in 30 Minutes or Less

Kevin Russell

 Quick and Easy Spool Holder

Did you just receive a NEW spool of Specialty  filament only to realize the it won't fit the spool holder on your printer? Here is a Quick and Easy Spool Holder that will have you printing in no time. This will accommodate up to an 8" spool.

I made this spool holder in about 30 minutes in order to solve this dilemma for a friend. I used 3/4 inch PVC, though 1/2 inch or 1 inch will work fine also.

List of Materials

  • 2 - 3/4" PVC 90 degree ells  
  • 2 - 3/4" PVC Tees
  • 4 - 3/4" PVC Caps
  • 3 - Pieces 3/4" PVC - 6" long
  • 4 - Pieces 3/4" PVC - 4" long
  • 1 - 8/24 x 1-1/2" long machine screw or similar size Pin
  • 1 - can of PVC cement

Glue all joints together as shown in the above photo. The PVC 90 on the right side of the picture will ONLY be glued on one side. The unglued side is inserted into the left side PVC pipe and secured in place with a screw or Pin. Sand the left side PVC pipe (see Red Arrow) so that it fits loosely into the right side PVC 90. Assemble and drill hole in right side PVC 90 at location of Red Arrow (shown below). Insert screw or Pin as shown.

You are NOW ready to use that spool of Specialty filament to print something cool. Like maybe a custom Universal Spool Holder.


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