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Monarch 3D Warehouse Offering International Shipping Through DHL Express

Kevin Russell

Monarch 3D Warehouse is partnering with DHL Worldwide Express and InXpress to provide shipping on International Orders. Visit the "International Orders" link in the Footer of our Homepage for more details. 

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Monarch 3D Warehouse Carrying Full Line of 3D-Fuel Products

Kevin Russell 3d-fuel 3domfuel 3DomUSA APLA Biome 3D buzzed coffee Dyna Purge entwined hemp Ingeo PLA wound up



Monarch 3D Warehouse is Happy to announce we are NOW carrying the Full Line of 3D-Fuel Products. This includes the popular C2Renew line of Composites, Wound Up, Buzzed, and Entwined. Also available is 3d-Fuel Advanced PLA or APLA. ABS may have met its match with this Annealable PLA. We will continue to carry Ingeo PLA and Biome 3D Bioplastic. These very easy to print plastics accept amazing detail and have a very nice sheen on the completed print. Use code MONARCH3DFUEL for 5% off your next order. Create With Quality!

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Micro Swiss - High Lubricity Nozzles - Free Shipping on Nozzles

Kevin Russell Flashforge Hardened Nozzle High Lubricity Nozzle Makerbot Micro Swiss Printrbot Wanhao


Monarch 3D Warehouse is Proud to be selling Micro Swiss High Lubricity Nozzles. They are currently being offered in .4 mm & .6 mm Orifice Sizes. Our present selection covers 22 different Models of 3D Printers. These nozzles are excellent for printing abrasive filamentsw like Carbon Fiber and Magnetic Iron. Nozzles are available for Makerbot, Flashforge, Printrbot, Wanhao, and many others.

We are offering Free Shipping on Nozzles.


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Monarch 3D Warehouse is Selling Through Amazon

Kevin Russell 3d Print Filament 3D Printer Filament 3DomUSA Amazon Conductive Filament F-Electric Functionalize Ingeo Ingeo PLA T-Glase Taulman


Amazon Reseller

Monarch 3D Warehouse is pleased to Announce that you can access our Fine Line of 3D Printing Filaments on Amazon. In addition to purchasing directly from Our website, you can use your Amazon Account and Amazon Gift card to purchase through our Monarch 3D Warehouse Storefront. We offer products from 3Dom USA, Functionalize F-Electric, NinjaFlex, and Taulman 3D

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3DomFuel Ingeo PLA - On SALE for $36.99 per 1 Kg

Kevin Russell 3d Print Filament 3D Printer Filament 3domfuel 3DomUSA Ingeo PLA

We are reducing the price on our Top Quality 3DomFuel Ingeo PLA. This excellent Filament takes detail very well and provides a nice sheen. It is our desire that everyone get to try this filament. This introductory price should make that more affordable. It is available from Monarch 3D Warehouse in 6 colors. This filament is in-stock in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm sizes.

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